Strategic Health Technology Incorporation

Strategic Health Technology Incorporation
By:"Binseng Wang"
Published on 2009 by Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Technology is indispensable for the delivery of health services even in the poorest and most remote areas of the world. Drugs, implants, disposable products, and medical equipment are major contributors to the fantastic progress of healthcare in the last 100 years when compared to the preceding thousands of years. Unfortunately, technology also is a significant contributor to the fast and steady rise of healthcare costs. This book covers the process of planning and acquiring technology with the goal of maximizing benefits (clinical outcomes and financial returns) and lowering costs (both investment and recurring). This book is a compilation of many years of work performed in developed and developing countries. It provides a rational and organized approach to technology incorporation, with heavy emphasis on medical equipment. It is hoped that readers can take advantage of what is presented to develop their own and better practice and contribute to best practices for the benefit of patients worldwide.

This Book was ranked 1 by Google Books for keyword health.


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